About Earthly Edible

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Hi There! I'm Liz.

Welcome to Earthly Edible! I'm so glad you're here. Thanks for wanting to learn more about me and my path toward culinary balance.


Less than 8 years ago, I was eating fast food at least twice a week, pizza every Friday, plus burgers, processed meats and anything else I could get my hands on as much as I wanted. I looked alright on the outside, so I was healthy, right? No, actually, and far from it.

My cholesterol was sky-high, my skin was dull, and I generally lacked energy. It took a drastic life change (becoming fully plant-based overnight) to help me backtrack my way to finding my happy place with food. I enjoyed eating well and feeling good, but I missed going out to eat and experiencing new cuisines that weren't necessarily 'good for you'... Fast forward to now. I eat a predominantly plant-based diet while still enjoying the occasional pizza and ice cream without feeling guilty or becoming unhealthy.

My passion lies in helping others integrate wholesome, life-giving foods and practices that help build their health without boring them into a binge. Self-care and health care start in your kitchen!