I'm Liz, founder of Earthly Edible. I created this easy-to-use website with the goal of making plant-based eating accessible and delicious for everyone. Improving my diet - from fast-food junkie to smoothie-loving, kale-chip fanatic - to help you on your journey to living a fuller life.

Small changes amount to
big successes, and that’s a bite
all of us can swallow.

Budget Butter

Earth Balance® Soy-Free Buttery Spread

Earth Balance® does a great job of mimicking the real thing. Between the salty flavor and creamy, melty texture, they've hit the nail on the head with this delicious buttery spread. Totally meant to rhyme there, by the way... Smear some on a hot cob of corn, or use in your next batch of brownies! Either way, you'll get your butter fix without the tricks.

Luxury Butter

Luxury Butter